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Publications:  The following are links to publications that were either co-authored by board members of Second Assist or are very relevant to the scope of Second Assist’s work. For publications that are copyright protected and not freely available, the link provides the abstract or summary of the document. For those publications that are freely available, either a direct link to the publication or a link to the website providing a connecting link to the document is provided.


Peer-Reviewed Journals:

1. Juillard C, Mock C, Goosen J, Joshipura M, Civil I. Establishing the evidence base for trauma quality improvement: A collaborative WHO-IATSIC review. World J Surg. May 2009;33(5):1075-86.

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7. Jayaraman S, Mabweijano JR, Lipnick MS, Caldwell N, Miyamoto J, Wangoda R, Mijumbi C, Hsia R, Dicker R, Ozgediz D.Current patterns of prehospital trauma care in kampala, Uganda and the feasibility of a lay-first-responder training program. World J Surg. 2009 Dec;33(12):2512-21.

8. PLoS Med. 2009 Dec;6(12):e1000200. Epub 2009 Dec 22.
Increasing access to surgical services in sub-saharan Africa: priorities for national and international agencies recommended by the Bellagio Essential Surgery Group.
Luboga S, Macfarlane SB, von Schreeb J, Kruk ME, Cherian MN, Bergström S, Bossyns PB, Denerville E, Dovlo D, Galukande M, Hsia RY, Jayaraman SP, Lubbock LA, Mock C, Ozgediz D, Sekimpi P, Wladis A, Zakariah A, Dade NB, Donkor P, Gatumbu JK, Hoekman P, Ijsselmuiden CB, Jamison DT, Jessani N, Jiskoot P, Kakande I, Mabweijano JR, Mbembati N, McCord C, Mijumbi C, de Miranda H, Mkony CA, Mocumbi P, Ndihokubwayo JB, Ngueumachi P, Ogbaselassie G, Okitombahe EL, Toure CT, Vaz F, Zikusooka CM, Debas HT; Bellagio Essential Surgery Group (BESG).


Textbooks, Manuals, and Guidelines:

1. World Health Organization: Guidelines for Essential Trauma Care

2. World Health Organization: Prehospital Trauma Care Systems

3. World Health Organization: Guidelines for Trauma Quality Improvement Programmes

4. World Health Organization: Strengthening the Care of the Injured: Success Stories and Lessons Learned from Around the World.

5. World Health Organization: Surgical Care at the District Hospital

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    Other References
August 2008 Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons
(focus on the surgical workforce crisis in Africa)
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