Second Assist - Improving Surgical Care in Developing Countries

WHO Trauma Care Checklist project is progressing nicely

The WHO Trauma Care Checklist project is progressing nicely with several sites getting ready to start data collection this summer. Dr. Angela Lashoher has been conducting site visits in preparation for starting data collection and recently went to Khon Kaen, Thailand and Kigali, Rwanda to meet with local collaborators and to help train the data collectors. At both of the sites the local teams were very enthusiastic. Local hospital administrators were also very supportive of the project. Prior to this most recent site visit, Dr. Lashoher also visited pilot sites in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Hanoi, Viet Nam. Second Assist will be helping to support the data collection in several of the low and middle-income sites including the site in Rwanda and another regional hospital in Southern Cameroon.

Local research team in Khon Kaen, Thailand
Local research team in Kigali, Rwanda
Data collectors in the emergency room in Khon Kaen Hospital
Outside of the main teaching hospital in Kigali where the study will take place
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